Tarpitting is an extremely effective mechanism where a few seconds of delay at various points are inserted in the SMTP transaction. Spammers can rarely tolerate tarpitting. Their effectiveness depends on the ability to send out a lot of messages in a short time. Most spammers will disconnect after a relatively short time if they do not receive a response from the recipient's server. Legitimate mail servers are not effected by tarpitting, but impatient spamming servers are.  All internet addresses are accessed by their IP address. WDDX.NET, for example, is  These of course would be hard to remember, so all computers utilize the Domain Name System or DNS. When a domain name is assigned like www.wddx.net, it is mapped to a specific IP address using a DNS record. When www. wddx. net is accessed, your computer accesses your assigned DNS server and it translates the friendly domain name to the assigned IP address. WDDX employs selective tarpitting, only choosing to employ the technique if the connecting server crosses a specific threshold of suspicion.

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