Marking Email for Follow-up

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One method for managing email messages in SmarterMail is by flagging them. For example, if you can't respond to an important message right away, you can flag that message as soon as you read it. This allows you to easily see that the message requires follow-up action.

To flag a message, select the desired message and click the Actions menu in the content pane toolbar. Then click Mark and click Follow-up. The flag icon will turn red and a the message will also appear in the follow-up view, giving you easy access to all messages that require a further action.

It should be noted that the ability to flag messages in SmarterMail is primarily intended to help users easily identify messages that need follow-up. The functionality is supported through the IMAP protocol and will sync with Outlook. Any email that is flagged in Outlook will be flagged in SmarterMail and vice versa.

Finding Flagged Messages

Although flags help messages stand out in a list, it may be difficult to find a specific flagged message if you have a lot of messages in your inbox. To quickly view all messages marked for follow-up, click the Follow-up folder in the navigation pane.

Removing a Follow-up Flag

To unmark a message for follow-up, select the desired message and click the Actions meny in the content pane toolbar. Then click Mark and click No Follow-up. The flag icon will turn white and the message will no longer appear in the follow-up view. Note: Users can also toggle the follow-up flag on and off by clicking the flag from the content pane.

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