Hey! This isn't Spam! Why is it in my Junk Folder?

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When you see a message that has [FAILED SPAM TEST] at the beginning of the subject, that means that the message failed some of our spam tests. If something is marked as spam that you would prefer not to be, just forward the message or the sender's address to whitelist@wddx.net, and we’ll add it to your list of approved senders. If it is still marked as spam after that, then perhaps it isn't literally coming from where it says that it is (that happens from time to time, especially with automated messages or mailing lists). Not to worry, we can write custom filters for it.

Note: If you find the e-mail in your junk mail folder, and it does not have [FAILED SPAM TEST] in the subject line, then something else routed it there.  Outlook has built in heuristics, for example, that attempt to protect you from spam, that we cannot affect with rules or filters. To make sure that Outlook does not route mail from a particular sender into the Junk Mail folder, simply right-click on the message, choose "junk" then "never block sender" or "never block sender's domain".

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