Configure IMAP in Mac Mail

E-Mail: Using our SmarterMail Services
To set up your mail account with us in a Mac Mail environment, please follow the instructions below.
1. Open the Mail program and choose to add a new account
2. Choose "add other mail account."
3. On the next screen enter your name, email address and email password.
4. On the Advanced tab, make sure you have Port 143, “use SSL checked”, and “password” as the authentication method.
5. Your new account should be added, however, you still have to configure the SMTP settings.  Try to send a test message from your new account.  When you do you should get this error:
Select the server and choose “edit SMTP Server List”.
6. The edit screen will have 2 tabs: Account information and Advanced. On the account information tab enter your email in the Description field and make sure the server name is “” and that the TLS Certificate option shows “none”.
7. On the Advanced tab you want to make sure you have all of the settings selected below:
8. Click OK to save the settings, then on the “error” message pop up, select “Try with Selected Server”. The error window should close and your email should go out without further errors.

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