How to View E-Mail Headers in Outlook 2007

E-Mail: General Topics
Where did an e-mail come from?  How was it delivered to you?  What WDDX.NET conducted tests did it pass or fail?  This information is recorded in the E-MAIL HEADER, but can be hard to find without directions.

1. Open the e-mail itself.
2. On the toolbar, there is a tiny MENU ICON for MESSAGES OPTIONS.  It looks like a small box with an arrow in it.  Click on it.

3. A new MESSAGE OPTIONS window will open with a section called INTERNET HEADERS. This is the information you want to review. Click in the box of text, and press CTRL-A to select the information. Then press CTRL-C to copy it to your clipboard. You can then paste it into an e-mail to send to us. We'll be happy to tell you what it all means!

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