How to View E-Mail Headers in Outlook 2010

E-Mail: General Topics
Where did an e-mail come from?  How was it delivered to you?  What WDDX.NET conducted tests did it pass or fail?  This information is recorded in the E-MAIL HEADER, but can be hard to find without directions.

1. Open the e-mail itself.
2. Click on the FILE menu.

3. Click on the PROPERTIES button in the INFO menu

4. A new PROPERTIES window will open with a section called INTERNET HEADERS.  This is the information you want to review.  Click in the box of text, and press CTRL-A to select the information.  Then press CTRL-C to copy it to your clipboard.  You can then paste it into an e-mail to send to us.  We'll be happy to tell you what it all means!

You can make this easier by creating a shortcut to the PROPERTIES window.  To do that, let's go back to the main outlook window:

1. Click on the DOWN ARROW at the top of the ribbon, and select MORE COMMANDS.

2. The OUTLOOK OPTIONS window will open.  1) Choose ALL COMMANDS.  2) Select MESSAGE OPTIONS.  3) Click on the ADD button.  4) Make sure that you see MESSAGE OPTIONS in your QUICK ACCESS TOOLBAR list, and then click OK.

That's it!  Now you have an extra button on your Outlook Access Toolbar.  You don't even have to open a message to invoke the MESSAGE OPTIONS window that has the E-MAIL HEADERS.  Just select the mail in question, and hit your new shortcut.  Easy, huh?

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