Result Code


When a request is made to your server for a page on your website (for instance, when a visitor accesses your page in a browser or when spider crawls the page), your server returns a result code (also called an HTTP status code) in response to the request. Codes can typically be grouped in the following levels:

  • 200-level codes - Indicate a successful return of data. 2xx codes are good.

  • 300-level codes - Indicate that the browser was redirected to another site resource. 3xx codes do not usually indicate a problem.

  • 400-level codes - Indicate that a resource was either not found or was denied for some reason. If you get many 4xx codes, it may be worth investigating the cause.  (A 404 code, for example, indicates a page that was not found when requested)

  • 500-level codes - Indicate that an error occurred while responding to the request. If you get many 5xx codes, it may be worth investigating the cause.

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